Sewara's primary objective is to create ecologically and culturally anchored high-end getaways while propagating the sustenance and perpetuation of the socio-cultural and ecological heritage of India; past and living. Our focus is to integrate 'slow living' with a contemporary outlook; creating a source for a healthy lifestyle option which is easily available for the urban milieu.

Sewara balances out a commitment to uncompromising services & best quality products to our patrons with a sense of consistent harmony with traditions and nature. In developing and promoting our ethos & values; we attempt to ingrain in our internal and external patrons a  sense of responsibility towards India's indigenous traditions, ethnicity and natural environment. Through direct and indirect contributions through our various verticals, all our employees and projects reinforce this attempt.

From pristine destinations to casual dining restaurants and organic products; all Sewara services & products are interlaced with these core aesthetics and values.